How to Furnish Your Kenyan Apartment with a Buy Now Pay Later Option

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 How to Furnish Your Kenyan Apartment with a Buy Now Pay Later Option

Thanks to buy now pay later growth in Kenya more people are able to effortlessly immediately enjoy what they need with flexible repayment options. 

Moving out on your own is a huge financial commitment especially when moving out for the first time. It’s estimated that it takes upwards of Kshs 150,000 to make a move into a new apartment and this goes higher for individuals who are moving out for the first time with no substantial savings to foot the bill upfront.

 What is buy now, pay later?

Buy now pay later is a financial model through which consumers are able to buy goods for which they cannot pay upfront and spread their payments gradually over a specified period of time. A person moving out on their own for the first time but without enough money to cover all the essentials required for the house may opt to check their eligibility for pay later options and subsequently be able to acquire the home appliances and furniture they need for their new apartment with the agreement they will gradually pay over a specified period of time.

 Buy now pay later option is not a new concept and over the years has been used a lot in acquiring essential household appliances, electronics, furniture or even motor vehicles. However, the pay later market segment phased alot of unprofessionalism in the past. In recent times firms like Lipa Later have joined the field to ensure professionalism,flexibility of payments and affordability.

 Lipa later

Lipa Later is one of the fastest-growing buy now pay later options in the continent with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria. The growth has been informed by overwhelming demand for a solution that allows consumers to acquire what they want and pay through a flexible schedule.

 Lipa Later strives to fill the gap as there has been a  need for an affordable, transparent and flexible buy now pay later option service that had been lacking in the African market.

 How does Lipa Later work

Lipa Later has ensured that the service is easily accessible online, and that the sign up process is also very simple. Customers looking to buy anything through the buy now pay later option can do so in three simple steps

 Step 1-Sign up here to get a credit limit

Step 2-Shop from Lipa Later Partner outlets 

Step 3-Start paying your monthly instalments after 30 days

 The entire process is super-efficient and you will be able to get your credit limit information within minutes of signing up which enables you to know how much you qualify for to shop & pay later at any Lipa  Later Partner store.

 You can start using and enjoying your purchase before you begin to pay your monthly instalments after 30 days, with a flexible repayment plan where you can select 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to pay for your purchase.

 Furnishing your apartment with buy now pay later option

 Saving to buy home appliances can be a tedious process that will take you months to accomplish. One of the most important essentials when moving out on your own is a refrigerator. 

Being able to store your food for longer and keep leftovers fresh is one of the most important things when keeping an eye on your monthly budget, especially the portion of it you spend on food. A refrigerator ensures you can buy food in bulk and keep what you have fresh for longer periods.

However, we know that buying a refrigerator could be a little costly especially for those starting out in their careers and it could possibly take them months to be able to save up for one. 

That’s where buy now pay later options come in handy, giving you the convenience of enjoying your appliances now while paying slowly over months in a flexible way that doesn’t interfere with your cash flow.

 Over 500 Retail Partners

Lipa Later, the leading buy now pay later service provider has a wide range of over 500 retailers across different categories which ensures you can easily get almost anything you require for your apartment, from basic electronics and household appliances to furniture for your apartment.

 Benefits of furnishing your apartment with buy now and pay later option

 Buy now pay later absolves you of the huge upfront financial commitment you need to make to get things you need fast. Other key benefits of the service are:

 –Financial flexibility

Buy now pay later allows for very flexible payments spread over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, this ensures you have the flexibility to pay over longer periods of time so you have money left to do other things.

 You can opt to buy anything you need and spread payments over longer periods of time.This ensures the monthly payments are manageable and you don’t face a lot of financial strain when paying off the stuff you bought through the buy now pay later option .

 -Accessible to all income groups

Anyone at any level of income can access buy now pay later services, this is subject to the approval of credit limit per user but it’s built to accommodate and is inclusive of everyone no matter their income.

 -Insurance for products through buy now pay later

When you use the Lipa later service, your appliances are subject to annual insurance which ensures that your household appliances are insured against common risks like theft, fire etc.

 Sign up with  Lipa Later here and start shopping from over 500 retail partners for your next home appliance, and conveniently pay later.







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